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You don’t want to look pixelated in your next presentation, so you will be happy to hear both Zoom and GoToMeeting support HD resolution video resolution at 1920 x 1080. GoToMeeting’s max resolution is only achieved in one-on-one sessions, though. If you’re still undecided about which one to use, we would suggest you try both of them. Zoom’s free plan can be activated using an email address while Google Meet can be used for free by anyone with a Google account. Only if you use it, you’d be able to find out which one of the two works best for you. Another upcoming addition to Meet is that Google will, by default, block anonymous attendees from entering an Education meeting.

Some of the cheapest cable internet plans give you only 60–250 GB per month. Most satellite packages have even lower data caps, so even a handful of Zoom calls can put you over your monthly limit. For the average user, Zoom consumes nearly 900 MB of data in a one-hour video call. That can really add up if you make a lot of Zoom calls, but it’s not too bad if you’re only on Zoom once or twice a week. You can also easily limit your data usage by reducing your video quality or turning off your video during calls altogether.

For this type of account, you can have up to 1,000 people on any call. There’s also a plan for small and medium businesses that costs $19.99 per month per host but the minimum is just 10. Paid accounts include some cloud storage space for those recordings, making it easier to not only save the resulting videos but also share them. As mentioned above, you also always have the option to record and save the video locally. It also supports unlimited one-on-one meetings, screen sharing, chat, virtual backgrounds, whiteboard and more.

  • So, avoid using your Personal Meeting ID. Make sure you only use the random meeting ID Zoom generates when you create a new meeting; nothing else.
  • To do so, the host needs to click ‘Manage Participants’ at the bottom of their window, which will show a list of participants.
  • You will be able to access your meeting recordings there; you will not be able to access them through Zoom’s web portal.

Can I download a copy of a recording that is in the trash? Yes, but you must first recover it from the trash first and then download it. Click the Recover button and confirm the request by clicking Recover.

Can I See Statistics To See If Students Viewed The Recording?

If you lose internet connection during the rendering process, it will stop the rendering process and the video will not save to the cloud. Having a reliable internet connection is the best way to ensure that your Cloud recording will save to the Cloud. In rare cases, the recording may not render at all, and this could be due to a potential client-side error.

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Saving your recordings to the Cloud allows you to access the recordings through the Zoom portal integrated in Canvas, as well as through your Zoom account after logging in to This makes it easy to access, play, or download your recordings from any device, as well as share them with students in Canvas easily by just posting the link. Enable local and/or cloud recording in Settings under your Zoom profile. Only cloud recording has additional features and options.

So, you can easily record a webinar for both personal view and social sharing. TAs may schedule meetings in Canvas using the Zoom app. They may also schedule meetings on behalf of instructors so that the instructor ends up owning the subsequent cloud recording. In order for a TA to schedule a meeting on behalf of the instructor, the instructor must allow the TA scheduling privileges at

How Can I Take Attendance In My Zoom Meeting?

When you start a Zoom meeting, click the Record button and select Record to the Cloud, and Zoom will generate a transcript for the recording, as well as separate audio and video files. Tapping the icon with two lines will put the recording on pause. Once the recording has ended, it will be processed and uploaded to the Cloud. The host will receive an email once the meeting recording has been uploaded.